About the Institute

About the Institute

Federal State Budgetary Institution “Federal Institute of Mediation” (FIM) was founded by the Decree No.93 of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated February 18, 2013.

The full name of the Institute: Federal State Budgetary Institution “Federal Institute of Mediation”.
Abbreviated name: “FIM”.

Location: No.51, Lyusinovskaya Street, Moscow, 115093, Russian Federation.

Founder and owner: Russian Federation.
The founder’s functions and rights are executed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The Institute is the only national research center in Russia which deals with mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The Institute’s objective is to promote effective government policy in the field of mediation which will lead to the full scale integration of mediation and ADR into various spheres including law; to organize and carry out research projects, expert evaluations; to develop and implement new technologies into professional training of mediators and ADR professionals and to provide services in order to ensure execution of powers assigned to state authority entities by the Russian Federation legislation in such spheres as science, education, etc.
Excepts from FIM Statutes


Our mission is to integrate the techniques and methods of mediation and ADR as an effective social institution and a civil society tool into all the important structures within the Russian Federation’s society.

The Areas of Activity

The principal areas of the Institute’s activity:

  1. Promoting integration of mediation into Russian society;
  2. Creating theoretic basis for the Russian researchers of mediation and ADR;
  3. Providing an appropriate theoretic support to dispute resolution through mediation;
  4. Interdisciplinary research in the field of mediation.

As a part of the state assignment the Institute conducts research on a range of practical and theoretic issues related to the use and development of mediation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Research Papers by FIM Staff Researchers

Dear colleagues,

From the first year of its existence FIM initiated several serious research projects which have already brought now the first results. FIM regularly publishes them in annual digests and in our sight also, which might become not only a report on the work conducted by the Institute and a source of research information for the professionals but a handbook for all those who are interested in the current practice and perspectives of mediation and other methods of ADR in Russia and abroad.


Academic chair, FIM

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